Output Rated CD Overview

Hi girls/guys,

First my outmost respect and admiration for MP3Tag. I’m an computer programmer myself so I think I know how a good program looks like. My compliments.

However I was looking the web for an application to generate a rated list of all my CD’s. I have about 6000 of them.

So I was thinking of making a program that adds the personal stars, create a record of the CD and calculate the average rating for a CD make a list and print it sorted. However I looked at the web for solutions first.

So I came across your site and looked at the reports that could be generated using MP3TAG. But You understand that even a simple list will use a lot of paper to print it. A small list (Top 1000) could be generated with the cover. Each directory contains the cover (folder.jpg).

The are organized like: D:\GenreGroup\Artist\Album.

Can you help me to create a book for my customers to look through the available CD’s.

One with covers, and one as a simple (sorted on average ranking) list?

My customers are people at a holiday site trying to play (or dance) an African instrument. In between they visit a bar from which I’m the barkeeper. I want to hand them a book so they don’t have to touch the computer in order to find out what’s available.

Kind Regards


It would be infinitely better to use something like MediaMonkey (in Party Mode?) to let people search/sort/filter on whatever criteria they choose.


Thanks Daz,

I Looked at media monkey but for some reason it does not work for me. I already wrote a small program to do the Job. I used a simple CVS Export List to be interpretated by a small Perl program.

So I'm in complete control (again) and now I'll have to find out how to close this discussion.