Overide files after converting from 320 to 192bit

I have many files to convert from 320bit to 192bit afterwards i want them bact to the original place on the hdd
i use now the folow code to place al my new mp3 files to hdd as

M:\MUZIEK\$left($regexp(%artist%'('.+')'$,$2,),1)$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)\%artist%\%artist% - %title%

But mp3tag don't replace the files?

Sorry for my bad english...

I think that the forum software swallowed some of the characters. I suspect that some of the backslashes are not displayed.
Could you enclose the string in the accent grave (top left to bottom right) so that one sees all of it?
Or: you could test your string in the function Convert>Tag-Tag and see if it works.

Edit: When I use that string on one of my tracks, the result is:
"M:\MUZIEK\AAA\Azure Taint\Azure Taint - Boogielotion Part 2"
Would this be the intended result?
Which function do you use?
Does the original file match the new file in respect to name?
I am not quite sure if I understand the problem.

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I've fixed the formatting for this post.

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The string is ok i'm using it a long time now for the result like u let see to move them to my drive M:
"M:\MUZIEK\AAA\Azure Taint\Azure Taint - Boogielotion Part 2"

I'm using the string for al my files (99000) to move the mp3's to my drive it is easy and corect and if i have double files
the program let me know and don't overide the files and thats ok normaly.

But now i must reconverd a lot of files from 320bit to 192bit and overide the files that are converted...

That is normal behaviour, if you use the converter Tag -> Filename or an equivalent action of the type "Format Value" for the tag-field _FILENAME.

There is a way to override the files in the destination folder if you take an action of the type "Format Value" for the tag-field _DIRECTORY.
Then Windows asks you whether you want to override the files.
You have to change the format string and shorten the string for the part that gives a name to the files. So your files need to have the correct filename before moving them.
Renaming the files if necessary can be done in the same action group prior to moving them.

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Thanks to all.
I have done it by hand 13000 from the 100.500 files converted from 320bit to 192bit.
I have sort out the files with mptag and move the files to an other directory and after the converting has finnished
i replace te files back to the original hdd like in the past...

SO M:\MUZIEK\$left($regexp(%artist%'('.+')'$,$2,),1)$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)\%artist%\%_filename%

thanks for the tip...

wfg Emile