Overlay a cover image with already existing one

I am new to this community, but am using this software long days back, I am so impressed by this tag editing software, just wanna share some ideas.
What if we can add a small cover image, like watermark and stuff that overlaps already existing cover image,. ?
May be we can position the extra cover image by using mouse or by inputting padding like values.

Is this something that should be visible in all the other players or just in MP3tag?
Should the overlaying be reversable or permanent?
As MP3tag uses the tag fields from the ID3 standard, where in the standard do you see such an overlaying image to be stored?
Or is this a task that should be better dealt with outside Mp3tag in a dedicated graphics editor and MP3tag then imports the finished result as usual?

All mp3 file have cover images, at least blank if not any. Well, A user should be allowed to keep the previous cover , and add an extra image that sits over the existing cover.
I will tell with examples, There are Movie Albums like Baaghi 3, Street Dancer 3D,etc each having their own movie covers. What I like to have is add my website's logo as png as the second cover, that overlaps and sits in a corner or somewhere with existing cover image in background.

Yes, I know what you want.
I wanted a little help on the questions I already posted - e.g. I do not see any standard place for pictures that is called "overlay" or something.

Or, what it boils down to: MP3tag is, as you say a

Manipulating pictures is not really its domain.
But one never knows.
For the time being I would think that finding a dedicated picture editor that allows you to manipulate the cover picture the way you want it and then embed the finished result with MP3tag is the way to go.

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No, am not talking about editing pictures,. I learnt from mp3tag software that one can add more than one cover image. If so, why not just overlap them.
I am already using Photoshop for the same, But I have around 5000 Albums, and extracting each image from an album and editing and saving is cumbersome., So I thought this should make it easier for anyone else too.

I still don't see how such a possibility can be useful.
Can you provide a real life example for better understanding?
Please show us the "first" cover and the "second" which you want to overlap.

Which brings me back to the questions:

IMHO it is pointless to see it only in MP3tag - to see it in other players, it would have to be a change that happens to the initial picture permanently.
There is no way to tell other players that they should take 2 pictures and merge them somehow, esp. as one of them has to be transparent to a certain extent, which is not supported by all grafic formats.
If it is supposed to be permanent, then it is some kind of editing the graphic and MP3tag is no grafics editor right now.