overwriting title names

Often when I do a search for an album name, the correct album is found but when I post it the title is over-written by another track in the same album. Is there a way to prevent this from occurring? Would it be useful to have a selection that prevented some columns from being rewritten. Most of my searches are with known file, artist and title so I would like to prevent these items from being changed.

Where do you see this behaviour?
What do you mean by "post it"?
Which workflow creates this result?

Edit: together with your other post about covers:
If you use a web source then it is the "all ot nothing" principle. If you want to get only the cover from amazon, then use the special web source Cover art>Amazon - this does not overwrite the other tags but only adds a cover.

if you use a web source for all the data, you usually get a list of tracks. You then have to align your local tracks with the list of tracks found for that album to avoid chaos.