Own Keyboard shortcuts

Why can't we make our own shortcuts?

Thank you

Terry :rolleyes:

For what?
E.g. for actions you can define keyboard shortcuts if you include the Ampersand & in the name of an action.
E.g. an action called

"&My action"

Could be accessed via the keyboard with the keys


Not work for me

I don't know what you have done but I just checked with 2.89c and it works as described.

You meant Alt-+-M?
If it's not like that.
What is this key?

No, I meant Alt-6-M
Alt-6 opens the actions list, M is the letter assigned to that example action

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Oh, I get it, it doesn't work for me here anyway.
It works well with Alt+6 but when i press m, it goes to other actions that also start with "M" but without the Ampersand.

The Ampersand should not be visible in the menu, it should appear as underlined character instead.
You can choose any letter that you want to make it unique and therefore quickly addressable.
So you could name the action group
M&y Action
which should result in an underlined "y" and lead to the shortcut

You mean like this? http://prntscr.com/km4l17

The 3 keys have to be pressed at the same time? Because only Alt+6 works for me. But if I press m, nothing happens. Only the action that begins with the letter m is selected for me.

No, it is alt-6 and then m.
This is a common windows function, nothing special in MP3tag.