Pad with leading zeros and keep decimal places

Is there a way to pad a zero and keep anything after the decimal?
This is mainly for my audio books (Been getting short stories that fit in between other main books)
$num(%seriesnum%,2) or $num(%seriesnum%,3)
using the above will give me 04 or 004

I was hoping to get 04.5
thank you.

SERIESNUM seems to be a user-defined field.
So you have to take care of its format.
the $num() function transforms a string into a number. MP3tag only deals with integers. So anything that is no number (here: the dot and following) will be cut off.

You could setup this in an Action group:

Format value
Field: TEMP
String: $regexp(%seriesnum%,\d+.,)


Format value
String: $num(%seriesnum%,2).%temp%

Then remove the temp field.

Awesome. thank you very much!

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