padding with spaces - align track length right

after looking at main_scripting.html help file, I'm still confused as how I align %_length% to the right of each %title%. I tried to define a variable using $put(x, y) and $puts(x, y) outside a loop and can't seem to reference it inside a loop, etc etc.

Anyway, I am exporting to simple text file and want the format for track listing to be as follows:

01 - Some song title 03:25
02 - Some long song title 10:15

Can someone pls show me some code that I can format the track listing like the above.

This is what I have done:

$loop(%_path%)$num(%track%,2) - %title% %_length%

but the %_length% is not aligned right :frowning:


Maybe this guides you into the right direction.
Export 2 txt - Leerzeichen individuell einfügen...



Managed to figure it out after translating that thread with babel fish translation :slight_smile: