Panel Tag Text Not Displaying in Windows 11 File Properties

Good evening MP3 Tag Support Team. My name is Dan Pettegrew. I'm preparing a music library to stream with Station Playlist Creator/Studio on the Live365 platform. I'm having to organize the library into categories and want to utilize the song tags to specify unique track definitions. The format will be Beautiful Music. I'd like to define the library with the following tags;
Genre - Standard/Latin/Holiday
Mood - Slow/Upbeat
Country/Region - United States/United Kingdom (these two categories will be for the US National Hot Tea Day and UK National Tea Day.)

I want to categorize the library by lead instrument but couldn't find a preset that would work so, I had to create a user-defined tag for lead instrument - Solo Instrument.

I'm using the tag panel to enter the text into the appropriate tag fields on two test audio files.
Attached are screenshots of what I've done. All of the data is displaying properly in MP3 Tag. When I go to my laptop (HP Laptop 64-bit Windows 11 Home Version 23H2) to view the file property details, some of the text isn't appearing. Attached is the screenshot of the test audio file details. What I don't understand is why the Preset Mood Tag text is appearing in MP3 Tag, but not in the file property details screen in Windows. Windows has the Mood preset listed in their selections too. Also, I'm not able to add the custom tag I created (Solo Instrument) to the list of tags for display in Windows. I really enjoy using your software, but not sure if I'm exceeding its limitations. Please let me know if I'm overlooking something in your settings. Thank you. Have a Blessed Day, Dan

AFAIK Windows displays only standard fields but no user-defined fields.
And even if you choose a standard field, then it is not garanteed that the Windows Explorer will show it. E.g. the WE does not show the BPMs.

The limitations are on the Windows side.
The Windows Explorer is no suitable tool to maintain and manage a collection.

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Your expectation for Windows 11 File explorer is much too high.
Mp3tag can fill and show the fields like your "SOLO INSTRUMENTS" without problems.
But the Windows File Explorer is much too limited to manage a collection with some more then a few basic tags.

There ist not much to add to Ohrenkinos post.
Don't use the windows explorer to add tags and don't rely on the explorer to view your tags.
I even experienced that after adding a selfdefined tagfield in Mp3Tag and after that editing a tagfield in the explorer, the selfdefined tag got corrupted.
There are many examples that Microsoft has always taken the position that, as the market leader, they don't have to worry about official and unofficial standards.

MP3Tag writes Mood as the official TMOO-frame. It's a ID3v2.4 frame.

The windows explorer writes this field to a PRIV field. PRIV fields are not supported by Mp3Tag.
You can define a column in Mp3Tag for unknown frames with the value %_id3v2_unknown_frames%
It will show PRIV (WM/Mood).
It ssems to me that the explorer does not show official ID3v2 tags if it uses PRIV-tags for the same.

The explorer shows the BPM-Tag.

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Yep, File Explorer Field #242.

@LyricsLover, @poster : of course, you are both right. I mixed that with the Windows Media Player.

Good evening Ohrenkino, LyricsLover and Postor. Thank you so much for your quick reply and assistance to my question. Yes, I'm basically using Windows for viewing purposes to see if I'm adding the text properly in the MP3Tag fields. Unfortunately, Windows isn't very reliable and it's obvious. My main goal is to make sure that if I use MP3 Tag for the track metadata, Station Playlist would be able to load the library into their Creator software without any issues. I sent them an inquiry earlier today and received this reply. It appears that they can, however, I'll need to replace the custom user-defined tag for Solo Instrument to a standard one. Is the Tag Panel the only area where I can find your list of standard tags or do you have something that you could send me? I'll need to delete the custom user-defined Solo Instrument tag from the list. Do I need to delete it from anywhere else in the software? Thanks. Have a Blessed Day, Dan
Hi Dan,

Custom MP3 (ID3) tags are not read by our software. It reads only standard tags including Genre, Mood, Comments, etc. Genre and Mood can be used to automatically move tracks into categories within our scheduler, but it would be much more efficient to individually add the tracks manually into each category in Creator. I realize you want to do all that work now to save time so that’s fine. Creator will just take a lot more time to load as it scans a folder reading all the file tags for any changes to the tags.


Ross Levis

Sales & Support Manager

A look at the documentation would reveal a lot. The tag fields have not been invented by MP3tag but by the id3 org.

I do not know what input this software expects.
But: you can filter and sort in MP3tag and create m3u or m3u8 playlists with the files, all or selected ones and/or drag&drop the files to the target software - if that accepts this workflow.

I don't thing so: you can copy the contents of that field (if it is already filled) to a tag field that your target software understands. Use an action of the type "Format value" or Convert>Tag-Tag for the target field and the format string %solo instrument%.
If the only purpose of %solo instrument%, %mood% and %genre% is to filter for certain files, then this could easily be achieved with MP3tag.
There is even an export function in MP3tag which would generate a customizable text file which perhaps can be read by your radio software.

Then I would think that you need some kind of (customized) indicator, which files you have already played as otherwise you would always get the same list.

So I think that the "homework" would be to find out, how the target software interfaces with other programs.