paragraph align Left but keep spacing

I have a review field which needs to be aligned to the left, but i need to keep the spacing between the paragraphs.

How do i create an action to do this task...


THe "how to create an action is answered in the FAQs. /t/967/1

In this case create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for the field.
Enter as search string: \r\n
Enter as replace string: \r\n

The speicality about the search string: add a blank (or more) behind the \r\n - it does not show here as text.
Repeat running the action until all the leading blanks have disappeared, or, if you know how many leading blanks you have, add them in the search string before you run the action.


I had that action, but it was combining the paragraphs. Need to add the space (blank space).