Parameters for actions


First of all, thanks for an excellent program!

I have just started discovering the power of the "Convert/Actions" menu item. I have built some useful actions including one to split titles of the form " / " into separate artist and title tags.

One thing which would be useful would be the ability to specify "parameters" for the action, so that (for example) I could use a different separator for a particular set of files. I know I can edit the action, but this isn't quite as convenient (and I have to remember to change it back, after I have finished). Also, being able to have the tags as parameters would be useful - then I could use the same action to split tags in different ways (for example, splitting title with the pattern " - ").

Is this something that might be added? (Assuming I haven't missed a way of doing it already...)



Sorry, but this is not planned at the moment.

You can simply duplicate an existing action set and change the parameters of the actions.

Best regards,
~ Florian