_parent_directory Placeholder for naming export configurations


I am trying to set a placeholder to automatically name my export files, but I've hit a hiccup:

I organize my music, which is mostly live shows, in directories following this structure: BAND/YEAR/SHOWS/TRACKS.mp3

So, I'm fine with $filename(%_parent_directory%.all-shows.mp3tag.html) when I'm doing things by YEAR and the path where I begin the export from is YEAR/SHOWS/TRACKS.mp3

... this spits out a filename like 1983 - formatted and shnid.all-shows.mp3tag.html for everything in the 1983 YEAR directory. This is all good.

But when I go up one more directory and try to begin the export at the BAND directory level, the name of my export file is the same as when I begin at the YEAR directory level: 1983 - formatted and shnid.all-shows.mp3tag.html. The export has built the file to include all my track/show info for all my YEAR directories (1983-2009) as it should, but appears to take the name from the first YEAR directory in the chain rather than taking it from the higher BAND directory level.

What placeholder would I use to make the export config read up one more directory to the BAND level?

THANKS in advance! (And hope that all makes sense!)

What about %_workingdir% ?

HA! Well, I coulda sworn I tried using %_workingdir%, but what it was giving me when I tried it was just using the name of the first SHOWS directory it read, ignoring the BAND/YEAR directories above it ...

But, I just tried that again and it worked perfectly!

Thanks Dano!