Parse output from tool execution



First of all, thanks a lot for a very useful and well designed software. It does nearly everything I'd like it to do.

I wondered if there was a way to create a parser that could retrieve the output of an executable. My main interest here is to run MusicIP's genpuid ( on a file (or on a list of files) from Mp3tag directly, and retrieve the information it returns to complete tags.

genpuid will analyze the file, can write audio fingerprints as a new tag (MUSICMAGIC FINGERPRINT), but will not write the PUID in the metadata. Furthermore, it can query the MusicDNS database and get all useful information, and return it as xml.

For lack of a direct implementation of MusicIP libraries in Mp3tag, this would seem a reasonable way to get MusicDNS/MusicBrainz information, but I'm not sure this is possible. Any idea?


Note: you have to register on MusicIP website to download genpuid, and to create a (free) personal key to access their MusicDNS. The last stable version is 1.2, the last beta version is 1.3b1