Part 3 from mp3 filename to title

I have been trying to figure this out for ages but what expression do I use to batch convert part 3 of my mp3 filename to the title (there are spaces in my filename):

Example below:

Filename: 'S2 E6 Full House' - required title "Full House"

If there is always a number as last character before the real title starts (here: "6") then, the following might do it:
Action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,.\d (.),$1)

  1. Proposal ...
    Convert "Filename - Tag"
    Formatstring: %dummy% %dummy% %title%

From: Filename = 'S2 E6 Full House.mp3'
To: Title = 'Full House'

  1. Proposal ...
    Action "Format value"
    TITLE <== $cutLeft(%_filename%,6)

  2. Proposal ...
    Action "Format value"
    TITLE <== $regexp(%_filename%,'^(.+?)\s(.+?)\s(.+?)$','$3')
    ... or ...
    TITLE <== $regexp(%_filename%,'^.+?\s.+?\s(.+?)$','$1')


Thanks for your help.