Partial string when formatting value

Hey there!

I need a bit of help. I have all my mp3 files set up like this: "ARTIST - SONG". For example, "Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls" or "Pendulum - Showdown".

Now I finally have a car radio that supports USB and I want to play these songs on it. The problem is that some of the songs have wrong data in specialized category and some don't even have it. Now I want to know, is it possible to command the program to work with substrings? So I would go under Format Value, Field:ARTIST, Format String: filename until the character "-".

I would love it if its possible. Thank you for your help!

Try the function Convert>Filename-Tag
Format string: %artist% - %title%
to fill both, ARTIST and TITLE

Format string: %artist% - %dummy%
to only fill ARTIST

Format string: %dummy% - %title%
to only fill TITLE

THANK YOU. I just corrected tags of like 800 songs in like 5 seconds. Thanks for the help, you did me a big favor.