partial tag importing

I have been cleaning up my music library and I want to import the artist info for my soundtrack and compilation albums. I want to import just the artist field because I am happy with the rest of the tags. I tried using the Discogs Pone method, but Discogs doesn't seem to have all of the cd's. I have also tried just reimporting all the tags, but the artist info gets appended to the title with a hyphen instead of populating the artist field correctly. Is there are a way to do this?

Reimporting from where? With what method?

If you have artist and title in the title tag, use the Guess Values action to split them:

Action: Guess Values
Source Format: %title%
Guessing Pattern: %artist% - %title%

If you are reimporting from another web source, you can do a similar if you click on Utils > Compilation... at the "Adjust tag information" dialog.