Partial tags migration

I fill in tags of up to 30 for each album and make a discography. And now a new album is being added, how to transfer selective tags to a new album in 2 clicks (it is clear that besides the artist, the country and the name of the tracks and the album and so on are common to all albums)

I read on the forum - there are several ways. Probably the simplest is the actions. Please give an example of copying several tags (I will substitute my values later). And preferably how to insert too

This is not possible with 2 clicks, but you can try this steps:

Load your source "old" album and
select your tags from the tracks you want to transfer in the "Extended Tags" view
then right click on them and choose "Copy" or press CTRL + C


Load the same target "new" album with
the same amount of target tracks in the same sort order
and open the "Extended Tags" view for this new tracks again
then right click and choose "Paste" or press CTRL + V

It's crucial that you copy your tags for the same source and target tracks in the same sort order (for example sorted by track number).

To assign the shared data to all files of an album, use the tag panel.
Individual data like the TITLE is easiest assigned with the file list.
For the track number there is the track numbering wizard Ctrl-K.

And if these are 10-12 tags that are repeated in the new album (genre, country, city, date of creation, and other permanent tags)? How to transfer them together in one process - Take it from one file and paste it into several

Take 1 sample file from an old album and load it into MP3tag.
Add the other new files that should get the shared information.
Select all files.
Select the data from the sample file in the drop down list of each field in the tag panel.
Leave all other fields at <keep>
Save the changes.
Data as selected from the sample file is written to the new files.

Forgive me, I'm not that familiar with this. What does it mean to take and where to specify keep?

= load a single file as template file

Is an option in the drop-down list for each element in the tag panel.