Pasting into Comments with CR/LF

I hope this issue has not been addressed--I did search for it before posting. I am a tag-nerd (obviously, since I use MP3Tag :slight_smile: as well as a DJ. To me, knowing as much about the music as I can is critical. There are a number of music podcasts I listen to, but they are not good about tagging their files. So, often when I download a podcast, I want to copy and paste the track listing into the Comments field.

Unfortunately, the paste into the Comment field usind MP3TAG stops at the end of a line. So, if I am trying to paste a multiple-line track listing, I only get the first line. The only solution is to paste into another program, e.g., Notepad, WordPad, then remove the line breaks, and then paste.

A really nice feature would be to have the paste convert the line breaks into spaces so that the entire comment could still be pasted. (Or even to preserve the line feeds, but allow the entire paste).

An even cooler additional feature would be to preserve the HTML and/or convert it. For example, often I am trying to copy a numbered list. Even if I copy it to Notepad to get rid of the line feeds, I still have to type in the track numbers by hand. (NOTE: I am talking here about music podcasts where you have a SINGLE file with MANY tracks -- so the way to note the tracks is in the COMMENTS section).

I hope this makes sense. I have donated $ twice before, and will donate again for sure if I see these suggestions implemented. Thanks!

It should be possible to paste any text with linebreaks into comment if you use the features of the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T).
Also, it seems to be possible to add a user-defined multiline comment field, see