Path length

Occasionally I come across problems reading and writing from files that have rather long names

e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Music<i><folder organisational structure (genres etc.)>\artist\album\artist - album (year) - tracknum - title.mp3

I'm guessing that they're possibly coming upon the win32 path max of 260 chars. NTFS supports filenames up to 32,768 chars though. I noticed a blog post at that seems to describe this in more detail with the following quick fix

What MS doesn't say is that doing so will break Windows Explorer browsing support since Windows Explorer has a built-in limitation of ~255 characters.
Edit: And probably, Winamp and other software don't use the \\?\ trick so they won't open the file either.

I'll add this on my wishlist but it's very low priority (because of the limitations in Windows itself as Sebastian has explained).

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~ Florian

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