Path view


Is it possible to make the Path column show an abbreviated version of the path? Or perhaps the default directory could be removed from the full path column.

For example, 'G:\My Music\Techno by Label' is my default directory. I would love it if I could have my Path column show only what comes after G:\My Music\Techno by Label\ so that

'G:\My Music\Techno by Label\Drought Records[DROUGHT 013] Tobias Schmidt - Designer.Klunk.Grab.EP'

could show up as

'Drought Records[DROUGHT 013] Tobias Schmidt - Designer.Klunk.Grab.EP'

I browse my music by label quite often, and since there is no category in ID3 tags for label, the only good way I've found to do this is to sort my files by label. I use MP3Tag to browse my music and select songs while DJing from my laptop. I just drag the next song I want to play into DjDecks and it loads into the player. If I could shorten the Path column, or create a custom column base on the Path column, I could quickly browse all of my tracks by artist, title, genre, album, and label, which is really every attribute I need to select track quickly within a DJ set.



You can make for example a new %publisher% field to store Label information in ID3v2 or APEv2 tags.

For the path column, replace
$replace(%_folderpath%,G:\My Music\Techno by Label,)


Beautiful! Thank you! That was exactly what I was trying to do.