Pattern replace in album be keep some info (1 of 4) to [1-4]

Looking for any help trying to match a pattern but only replace some of it.

match (# of #) and change to [#-#]

e.g. Format would always be like this
(1 of 4) changing to [1-4]
(5 of 7) changing to [5-7]

I was going to just replace (space)of(space) with a - but the word OF could be in the album name some where's else that I don't want to change.

thank for you for any help.

Try Convert>Tag-Tag for whathever field that would be:
Format string: $regexp(%fieldame%,\((\d+) of (\d+)\),'['$1-$2']')

The preview should show whether it works

You Rock! I will give it a try!
awesome support community of people!

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