PDF to Word, only with basic formatting?

I often need PDF >>> DOCX conversion. What i want, is to keep only the basic formatting: bold, italic, font size, font name, font color + paragraph alignment (+ embedded images, preferably without conversion). I do not want many hundreds of styles, e.g. Normal + Times New Roman, 12 pt, Italic, Custom Color (RGB (35; 31; 32)), sparse placement, indented 1.237... Unfortunately, this is, what Adobe Acrobat and online converters do.
There are many smart and experienced people here. Does anybody know a solution?

I am not really sure where you draw the line between basic formatting and other options.
IMHO embedding pictures, changing font names, sizes, expression and alignment are characteristic for full-grown text formatters.
If you do not like the style names - then ignore them.
If you find that you need all the special formatting, then I doubt that there will be any other option than to select all the paragraphs that should look the same and assign the same style name.
The other option would be to select all the text and press Ctrl-Space to reset all paragraphs to the initial formatting of the style definition.

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Ohrenkino, thank you for your quick answer.

Because i need (10-20) styles, usually i do something similar; unfortunately, it takes a lot of time.

Unfortunately, this removes not only paragraph formatting, but font formatting too -- bold, italic, and so on.

Exactly. This describes what I would call "local formatting" which is usually a variation of the underlying paragraph definition.
As soon as one starts writing texts like this they become more or less unmaintainable and lead to a lot of time consuming work just like you found out.
So you can die only one death: either you reduce the whole stuff to a less richer format which leads to less work or you keep all the specialities and spend the effort.

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But while i live, i hope. :wink:

There are options. For example, Adobe, PDF >>> HTML; EditPad (or PowerGREP), RegEx removing all the unwanted formatting, creating a macro for this task. Then, HTML >>> DOCX in the MS Word. (Or to create a macro in the MS Word, just its language is more cumbersome, complicated, less reliable.) So far i have been lazy about it, i was trusting/waiting in a ready-made solution.