Performance Big library 45.000+ tracks


I have a library of 45.000+ tracks.
I want to process all my library at once in mp3Tag. Either it would take toooo long so I kill the process either the program will crash (maybe the 2nd is not mp3Tag's fault).
Wouldn't be better mp3Tag stores file tags somewhere in an internal library so they are read once from file? If a file selected to be processed is changed after its import to library it will automatically be scanned again and update library otherwise the tags will be read from library. Is there any workaround for this?

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Never going to happen. The sole source of truth is the tags in the files themselves. Break your library into smaller chunks and process sequentially. I've loaded and processed more than 45k tracks in a single session without issue so perhaps some of your files are corrupt.

Check your tags for large cover sizes (%_cover_size%) and reduce where possible. This is one cause for crashing when scanning large number of tracks (out of memory error). Installing more ram might also help.