Performing Quick Actions Macro

I am relatively new to MP3Tag. Usually I rip an Album and open the tracks in MP3Tag. Within the application I then access iTunes UK, using a TAG Source profile I found on these forums and get the track names etc.

Next I use the Cover Art TAG Source (Amazon.Com) and get a decent cover as the itunes version is only 100x100. Finally I use the quick action "Format value" repeatedly and add the following:

ARTISTSORT using %Artist%
ALBUMARTIST using %Album%
TITLESORT using %Title%
ALBUMSORT using %Album%
COMPOSER using %Artist% (Not strictly correct but works well for me and is tidy)
COMPOSERSORT using %Composer%
COMPILATION Set to 0 or 1 depending on wether a various artists album etc.

These six actions are done one after another in the order shown and can take a while and gives a great TAG display in the iTunes application... I was wondering if there is a way to automate all these actions into a kind of macro so the macro will perform all six actions at the press of a button.

Thanks for any comments... this is my first forum message so Hi to everyone.

Kind Regards

Ken Griffiths

It is all there.
Open the menu Actions and press the New button to create an Action group (which in the end is just collection of your 6 actions).
Enter a decent name.
You get the next dialogue where you enter the definition for the individual steps.
In your case it would be the "format value" action first for ARTISTSORT.
Press the new button again for the the next action (for ALBUMSORT), enter the definition, save this step with OK, press new and so on until you have entered the definition for the last step.
Save the definition of the Action group with OK.
Close the dialogue with the action group definitions.
You will now find this "macro" in the menu Actions or in the toolbar under the button "Actions".

You might have noticed the check boxes in the Action groups dialogue. With these check boxes you can select a number of action groups that are executed if you close the action groups dialogue with OK (not Close). The action groups will be carried out in the sequence from top to bottom of the list. You may modify the sequence with the arrow buttons on the right of the dialogue.

Ohrenkino, thankyou so much for the quick and clear explanation... I have now set up my Macro's (One for Non-Compilation Albums & One for Various Artists) Both are at the bottom of my Actions Menu and work brilliantly.

Easy when you know how. This MP3Tag is just a great application, I will be sending Mr Heidenreich a further donation.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Kind Regards...