Permanently Remove file protection

Every time I try to change a tag of a protected file, MP3tag asks for permission. I wish file protection to be removed by default by checking an option.

I doubt that this is in the power of MP3tag as the reasons for write-protected files can also lie in insufficient access rights - which is an indicator that something is wrong with your work environment.
Why do you edit files that are write-protected for you?

You can clean up your system with a shell command in the top folder:
attrib -h -s -r /s .

This still does not solve the problem of different ownerships.

This has nothing to do with the file attributes on my computer. Sometimes the music uploader adds write-protection to tags (I cannot modify numbering format, album art etc.). Then MP3tag asks for permission to remove protection, I click yes & everything goes to normal. I would like that 'yes' to be an option and to be permanently on.

Are you sure that write-protection is added to the tags only? I cannot see any option for that in the ID3 standard. I would assume that a lot of publishers would long for such an option.

Could you check the owner of the files that appear to be write-protected?
I suspect that the "file uploader" (whatever that is) runs with a different account and creates files with this account. So the OS issues that message. MP3tag only forwards it.

Thanks! I'll investigate and get back to you!

You were right! MP3tag only forwards the system's 'write-protected' message. I double-checked it - topic is cancelled!