Permantely Add New Genre

I would like to add a new genre to the list that I use frequently without having to add an extra genre to an existing one (i.e., select Post-Metal vs Post-Rock\Post-Metal). Is this possible? Wouldn't it be more convenient to have a file (text, etc.) that contains the list of genres and you could add or remove what was or was not needed?

I'm a newbie and I'm looking forward to getting more experience with the program and utilizing it for my collections of music.

Thanks for your responses and I appreciate your patience with my questioning.

Perhaps this helps:


Thanks for the info. From what I read (unless I missed something) is that I can add new genre types, but I can't clear them from the drop-down list. If that's true, at least I can add some customization to my list.

Thanks again

THe standard list cannot be modified.
You can choose whether you only want to see the user-defined genres.

You clear them from the drop-down-list with enabling the option "Show only user-defined genres". So all standard-genres are not shown and you have to define every genre in the user-list yourself, even the standard-ones that you would like to keep too.

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