Permission error message when renaming/moving files

I have pretty much the same problem, since a couple of weeks. This is the error message:

XXXX konnte nicht bewegt werden, da du nicht über die erforderlichen Zugriffsrechte für „NEW MUSIC“ verfügst. Um die Zugriffsrechte anzuzeigen oder zu ändern, wähle das Objekt im Finder aus und wähle dann „Ablage“ > „Informationen“.*

The funny thing is, none of the files are "protected" or copied from any protected medium. I need help :frowning:

Can you try this command via while Mp3tag being closed:

defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag SecurityScopedBookmarks

After that, load the folder (not the individual files) via ⌘O and see if the issue persists.

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Wow, this was the solution! Thanks so much Florian! :star_struck:

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Excellent! Glad it's back working and thanks for letting me know.

Here is some background, in case you want to know the details: The issue you were experiencing is due to Mp3tag being a sandboxed application. Sandboxed applications require explicit access to files and folders provided by the user via

  • an open panel, e.g., with ⌘O
  • Drag & Drop
  • Services

Mp3tag tries to remember once the permission is given via a "secure bookmark". This allows for editing the same files without subsequent requests for permission.

If you drag&drop or open individual files, e.g., via a playlist, Mp3tag only gets permission to edit those files. Renaming (and, thus, moving files) also requires permission to the enclosing folder.

The good thing is, that those secure bookmarks apply to all included files and folders or a folder for which the permission is given. So if you choose a more general folder (e.g., the root folder of the files on your external drive in the open panel, or your home directory at ⇧⌘H if you have this on local files too), you can prevent future prompts for any of the containing files and folders. You can also cancel the reading process if it takes longer than acceptable — Mp3tag will store the bookmark no matter what.

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