Permission warning when i rename tracks

I use my NAS with Samba connection in latest Big Sur release on Mac.
Sometimes, when i try to rename the tracks, i have a warning: the tracks can't renamed because i haven't the permission (see my attachment).

Someone can help me please?

It should be working after you load the root folder of the share from your NAS.

This way, Mp3tag acquires a secure bookmark to the file system in order to perform changes — this is a sandboxing requirement of macOS.

@Florian thanks for reply. How can i do for solve? How can i load the root folder, i haven't understand. :upside_down_face:

You can just use the standard open dialog via Cmd+O and then navigate to the upper folder on the NAS, where all the music files and folders are located.

Then press OK and either wait for all files to be loaded or cancel the process — Mp3tag will keep the secure bookmark either way.

Hi @Florian thanks for reply. Something went wrong...maybe i haven't understand something.
a video with what i do:


Yes, this is not what I've suggested :slight_smile: If you open the files this way (as individual files), Mp3tag only has permission to write the actual files and for renaming it also needs permission to access the parent folder.

Can you open Mp3tag and press Cmd+O? Navigate to the folder where your music lives, select the folder name and press OK.