Persistent entry in comment field

Hi I've just launched MP3Tag and for some reason my installation has changed behaviour, I'm not sure if it was due to an update I did recently. I used to have the same persistent text entered in the comment field when I selected more than one file and can't figure out how I set this up or if indeed the option is gone? Can someone tell me I'm not going mad :smiley:

This happend in V2.88:
"[2018-05-07] CHG: removed default values configuration."
Meaning: you cannot set a default value any more.

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You're not going mad :slight_smile:

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Ahh ok! I'll call off the men in white coats for now :grin: Can I ask why it was removed?? :thinking:

see here:

You can have it again with Mp3tag v2.90c, where you can now specify a default value per field on the Tag Panel via "Options > Tag Panel".

Great I'll update tomorrow, thanks!