Persistent requests to disable write protection

Within a single session, I keep getting the dialog box "Shall Mp3tag disable the write protection of this and any following read-only files?" while editing tags on MP3 files with read-only protection, despite clicking yes the first time which should make the program automatically disable protection on subsequent files. The program does not prompt me again if I edit a file that has already caused this dialog box to appear, but when I move on to edit the next file with write protection I get hit with the dialog box again. I have had this problem for years even after reinstalling the OS.

I think it would be rad to also have the option in preferences to disable this dialog box entirely and automatically disable write protection on files.

In addition, you could check the ownership of those files.

looks like they still have the old owner but need one from the current installation.

Due to missing feedback, I'm moving this topic to #bug-reports:no-bugs.

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