Personal Notes Field


This is a screen capture from the Orange CD Suite of tools. When I 'rescan' modified files, I'm now getting this message sporadically.

I've searched high and low to figure out where this "Personal Notes" field is, and how I can edit this field. Anyone?

See the extended tags dialogue (alt-T) if you see a field with a matching contents.
Otherwise: I don't know - is this something on a Mac?

Nope, I cannot see it anywhere. Curious, as I don't even own a Mac, so I have no idea where it is coming from.

I just wondered as it says Mac3.44 in the screenshot ...

What you can still do: check which tag versions are in the file (esp. are there APE tags) and see which of them you read, write and delete.
It could be that if you do not read APE but some other program has added these tags that the APE tag has this data.
And if all this does not help: could it be that the other program has its own database, where it stores additional information outside the files?

MAC in this scenario is usually a specific version of the Monkey's Audio Codec from

Thanks Florian, but do you know what field it is? Is there a way of seeing these fields in MP3Tag? I am as much interested in stripping useless data as I am furnishing useful data, and while it is relatively harmless, I get like that :slight_smile:

@ohrenkino gave a useful idea above, involving APEv2 tags (which is the default for Monkey's Audio). Maybe you can find something there.

Ya, thanks, but that didn't help too much, as the complete list of "APE Tags" still does not indicate a Personal Notes field, so I have no way of knowing how to read or edit that field, because I don't know how to expose it in the UI.

Not an issue, but it should would be great if we could specify what the field values are for the different metadata tag sets, and be able to add or remove them by that catagorization.

To treat only APE tags,
set Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg all off for all non-APE-tags.
For APE set to on: read and delete
Save the settings.
Load the files.
Now you should see only the APE tags - you may now check the extended tags dialogue if you see the personal notes.
If you now want to delete the APE tags proceed as follows:
Select all the files that should be treated in the files list.
Select "Cut tags" from the context menu of the files list.
Reset the options for all tags except APE to read, write, delete, set APE to delete only.

Thank you ohrenkino, but I think you are missing the issue: when I do that, I still do not see the Personal Notes data field, so I cannot edit it, clear it or whatever... it seems because it is a Private Field, very few tools can expose it (I've been running sample MP3's against other metadata tools, and none of them are showing that field, except for (as previously noted) when I update files in the Orange tool's data-base - seemingly the only tool that sees this field).

I guess the feature I'm hoping for is a "global" button, that is essentially "Show all of the data-blocks at both ends of the MP3 file", which if i am to understand correctly then accounts for IDv1 data (at the end of the stream), and the other metadata blocks, which appear at the beginning.

At least that way, we could then see how any custom block has been labeled, so that we can then add that field to the edit tag panel (i.e. %customTag%)

Priv fields are not shown by MP3tag.
But you could read that file with MP3diags which at least show you that there is a priv field. You would not see the contents, though, as this is usually binary.

If the goal is to remove metadata not exposed by Mp3tag, you could try the Windows command line and ffmpeg, like this:

ffmpeg -i "W:\exampleMusic\path\to\MP3-with metadata.mp3" -acodec copy -map_metadata -1 "W:\exampleMusic\path\to\MP3-most metadata removed.mp3"