Personal RATING Popularimeter Field

Hi all,

Ive got a probleme for add a new column "Rating". I read this topic but that dont resolve my issue.

I want to add a personal field (on left) who permit enter a numeric value (between 1 to 5 as WMP Rating) using popularimeter value and not with asterisk. But when i add a field with %POPULARIMETER% value, i see the MP3 tag values as 255, 205, 154, etc...

Is it possile, when i type "5", that take "255" value automatically ?

How can i do that ?

I don't want use aterisk (who doesn't work, try to type 4 asterisk, he take the "3" value...), and can't find a right way with florian's script.

Can u hep me please ?


For information :

no@email|255|0 = 5
no@email|205|0 = 4
no@email|154|0 = 3
no@email|104|0 = 2
no@email|53|0 = 1

Try %rating wmp% for Value and Field.

Internally, it uses POPULARIMETER, displays a numeric value but also allows for entering asterisks.

I Florian,

First, thank u for ure quickly answer.

I did what you told me and ive always the same issue.

When i choose the "rating wmp" tag data in my field (and column), that doesn't work in mediamonkey :

My first impression is that the "Rating WMP" metadata is not a standard data tag but only use by WMP. But you said "Internally, it uses POPULARIMETER, displays a numeric value but also allows for entering asterisks" so i dont understand why that does'nt work.

That i want to do:

In the past, i have found a script who did what i want to do but can't find it anymore.

An Idee ?


The latest Development Build introduces a new field %RATING MM% which should be exactly what you're looking for.

Kind regards,

Hi Florian,

Great new, I tested it and it works very fine (exactly what i looking for).

Just two questions ;

  • What is the mp3 data rating use by Mediamonkey ? Is it a standard data (as popularimeter) or specific field as WMP ?

  • When i use "Rating MM", that doees'nt work in winamp, wmp, etc.. so is there a standard data using by all player for this ? Or need to create a rating for all player ? (rating winmanp, rating itunes...) :flushed:

So thank for ure great work Florian, mp3tag is very flexible and the best freeware for mp3 tagging...

Both tools are using the standard POPM frame, but have a different interpretation of the rating value (which is stored as a value between 0-255). Mp3tag supports the application-specific fields %RATING WMP% and %RATING MM% to allow for easy interoperability with the stars rating of those applications.

As I said, it uses the standard POPM frame which should be read by all application that claim to support ID3v2. The interpretation of the concrete rating value is another story and varies from application to application.

Kind regards,

Ok Florian,

Thank u for ure answers, great work.

Kind regards