Personalize Interface

Hi everybody,

Is there any way to personalize the interface? I mean things like: making Tag panel sizable with addable or removable fields, personalize buttons in the Toolbar (I'm thinking a history button would be great)...

May be Florian can help a lot, as the developer :rolleyes:


Well, this issue is partially solved, as I navigate through the help, I found the way to add fields to the interface. However I still need some way to add favorites directories (now, I think you can specify only one favorite), it would be great to have the possibility to specify more than one.

Any idea !!??

It's possible via Mp3tag's Tool and Mp3tag's own comman lines

Go to Tools > Options > Tools and create a new Tool like the following:

Name: Load Folder x
Path: C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe
Parameter: /fp:"C:\Music\x"

It's OK, but I was thinking in something more direct, something like the star that shortcut to the favorite directory, just a click, and you move to the correspondent directory.