Personalized customization. Need solution on modifiying field to add text

I'm in the process of identifying all tracks missing from my database. The best way I can think of to complete this task, quickly, is while tagging the albums, to add notes while connected to discog, amazon, etc...

As an example, I'm looking up Billy Joel - The Stranger. It's a 10 track album, but i'm missing three songs. It would be convenient to jot down the songs missing: Only the good die young, she's always a woman, and the stranger, while it's visible in the comment field or create a field in this window. Currently, I have to open notepad, word, or open Discog (in explorer) to remember what the titles are.

Is there a way to expand the comment field? or, create a new field in that window to add text? Or, if someone knows of another to accomplish this i appreciate it...

What do you mean with "expand the comment field"? You can edit all visible tag fields in the "Adjust tag information" window at web sources. And the comment field is always visible. Just click into the window and write.
You can't create new fields in that window.

My personal way to do this is to write only the missing track numbers into the comment field in the adjust tag information window. After running the web script, i run the following actiongroup:

Action 1: Format Value
Field: ALBUM
Formatstring: %album% '['INCOMPLETE']'

Action 2: Format Value
Formatstring: INCOMPLETE: missing tracks: %comment%

Thanks! We're on the same page. I was just looking to expedite my process. The audio program I use (Media Center 17) can show me all incomplete albums, but it's by track number only. The track number wasn't always helpful or accurate in Itunes or Google Music.

So, I was thinking it would be great to just change the comment field to (Multiline) or create a field in the "Adjust Tag Information." and jot it there while I was tagging the Album.

I've created an extended field (Notes) and quickly jot down the title; this shows up in MC 17 as a separate field for future purchases.

Thanks for the support.