Picture Tags/ Cover Art

I love this program and at first it worked wonderfully including the cover art tagging. Until recently It has been a real hassle.

Tagging the files is a breeze with the proper pictures. The only unfortunate event is when I upload all the tagged files onto my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) for my musical pleasure for some reason it takes the first tagged picture and scatters it over all the other files I had assigned other images to. One image to rule them all -_- Lamb Of God is not the only artist in my play list but it's sure as hell the only album art that's transferring onto my phone.

The images are correct on the files in my computer, some miscommunication happens when uploaded to my phone. My phone is capable of reading the file format because Lamb Of God sure as hell can tag properly, but none of my other images are.

I have tried EVERYTHING. Different programs, tagging files individually in different folders in case it was merely tagging all files together for some reason, different sized images. -_-

Is this happening to anyone else? :angry:

Check on your computer if the files really have the covers embedded.
Load the files and apply filter
%_covers% MISSING
If any files show up then the covers are not embedded in these files.

Check that the fields for ALBUM and ALBUMARTIST are filled. These fields are often used to get the boundaries between albums.

Check which mechanism your player on the phone uses to display cover art at all: does it need the file "folder.jpg"? (Most likely for phones that have the Windows Media Player in the background)
If so, you have to move each album so a separate folder and export the file folder.jpg there.
You don't tell us which player you are using. Apparently there are players around (e.g. mpdroid) that do not know what to do with embedded covers.