Pioneer : AIFF only

Hi all,
First , Thank you Florian because this masterpiece will stay as a reference in the audio tools world !

I'm a happy owner of 2 cdj-2000, and as you surely know, the hardware is not compatible with the FLAC format.
Pioneer forum FLAC discussion
FLAC is my favorite format, due to the quality and the metadata. If WAV had contained metadata, WAV should be my favorite.
So I've a full collection of FLAC songs with metadata in one hand and an easy access to a full WAV collection with the loss of the metadata.
On the other hand, I've great tools, same as in the clubs, compatible with AAC, MP3, WAV and AIFF.
So, my feeling is that the only reasonable format is AIFF.

Beatport offers AIFF, but the others shop (juno, djdownload,....) offer FLAC.
I'm sure that the community of Pioneer DJ's will be thankful if a tools like this complete their needs with AIFF format support.

Also I consider that people spending time on that development need to be encouraged.
So, I will close that text and go press the donation button.
I really hope that other djs are in the same case and will do the same.


donation done,
ps: impossible to offer you an Amazon item if not german speaker, Florian :flushed:

Thank you Florian !
I'm back to that topic, written long time ago,
coz it is very important to underline the work you've made with AIFF integration
again thank you !