Place last two characters of Album in braces


I have some releases which have EP as the last two characters, eg. All Cried Out EP.
I would like to place the EP in braces, eg. All Cried Out {EP}.

I have tried the following:
Source format: %album%
Guessing pattern: %album% $right(%releasetype%,2)

Field: ALBUM
Format string: %album% {%releasetype%}

Which results in the following:
All Cried Out EP {}

Try an action of the type "Replace" for ALBUM
Search string: EP
Replace string: {EP}

It may be safer to activate the "Match word" option.

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Thanks for that! So much simpler.

Your format string
%album% $right(%releasetype%,2)
would replace the existing content in %ALBUM% with the content from %ALBUM% and then add the right 2 characters from %RELEASETYPE%. In the second example you put it in {}. It seems, that your content in %RELEASETYPE% is empty or at least the 2 right characters in %RELEASETYPE% are empty.
This result in
All Cried Out EP {}

Please be aware, that replacing EP with {EP} will replace every occurence of EP, also in this example
This is EP number 1
This is {EP} number 1
not only if EP was found as last two characters in %ALBUM%.

To replace the last two characters in the content of album with curly braces (if this characters are EP), you could use this regular expression:
$regexp(%ALBUM%,\s(EP)$, {$1})
This searches for a space EP at the end and replace it with a space an opening curly bracket, followed by EP and a closing curly bracket.

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Or a filter like
%album% HAS " EP"
may lead to a lot of hits.
At least I did not have an album where a word starts with "EP"

There could be some additional infos (at least in my collection) like
"Microfunk EP, Volume 2"
"Rare EP Tracks 1961-1966"
"The Singles, The EP and The Demos"
"The EP Collection"
"EP 2010"

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