Placeholders documentation

Please could be completed? It has been years since this was first requested, yet still it there are placeholders missing e.g. %rating wmp% and %rating mm%.

These are covered by
%fieldname% ... The content of any field name

Thanks Dano, but actually they are not. %rating mm%" is not the name of any field in the file. A WMA rating set by MM (MediaMonkey 2 build 1306) goes in the WM/SharedUserRating and SDB/Rating fields. Nor is it the MP3tag special name of any field shows the rating - the rating set by MM shows in Mp3tag-name fields RATING WMP and SDB/Rating and not RATING MM e.g.

Florian, you do the program a disservice by such poor documentation. I can't safely use the rating handling. I am sure there's at least one bug in it, and I'd like to isolate is and report it so you can fix it, but without proper documentation, I can't actually tell what it is intended by you to do.

Would you please amend the docs to state explictly what placeholders %rating mm% and/or %rating wmp% are supposed to do, just like you do fron e.g. %title%, %artist% etc. Thanks.

This is documented on this page.

However the wma cell of %rating mm% should probably be empty.

You're referring to RATING MM (uppercase)? %rating mm% does not even remotely accord with that. The description says RATING MM is written to WMA as WM/SharedUserRating. %rating mm% is written to WMA as "rating mm":

Which is useless because MediaMonkey does not recognise that property.

There is "no ma cell of %rating mm%" - only of RATING MM. And that should not be empty since that would mean no support. MM read/writes rating to WMA so if Mp3tag intends to interoperate, it must have some MM-compatible property in that cell.