Placeholders export data

Hi All,

Can someone help me with the export data of my music collection.
This is the 1rst time i use the export function. My export data is CSV. I can open it in Exel. No problem.
If I watched it in Exel I'm missing the Genre and length of time song in my collection.

Can someone help please, how can I get it these 2 functions in my export CSV file?
I'm not technical enough how to put it in mp3tag.


I don't know what your export file looks like.
The variables for

are %genre% and %_length%
You find this information in the help: with a list of fields with a list of more property variables.

Thank you. But i don't know how I get the placeholders in the export fiile. Sorry, but this is the 1st time I use the export file. Mostly I use MPEG audio colection, but I wanted to try the mp3tag export file.

In Exel I have made by hand:
Artist - Titel - Length - Year - Genre - LOcation - Notes


This is not really beneficial, I would say as the data is determined by the export script.
Even though you can name your column headers as you like, I would like to point out that there is no field for Location or Notes, at least not with this name. You would have to think of some kind of mapping.
You know already the link to the list of tag field names.

The export file is a plain text file - have you tried to edit it?
I think that in the default CSV export script, %_length_seconds% is already included. You could replace that with just %_length%.
And then you add simply %genre% somewhere in the list of variables (and delete all the fields that you don't want).

Heuuh..... No. How do I do that? This is completely new to me. Sorry.

Hint: Maybe a good tutorial with pics for the non-technical persons.... like me.


Click on the edit button.


Thank you. That was very clear for me.I'll give it a try.



It works great. THX. Only 1 small problems with the lenth.
It gives me 3 digits, like 234, instead of 2:34 . But, still it works.


What are you using?

%_length_seconds% will give you 234 seconds.
%_length% will give you 03:54 (03 minutes and 54 seconds)


Thank you. It works. Know I get it. Sorry for that............. A little shame on me.... I'm old.