Placing 'the in artist within filename

i trying to put the at teh en of my artist within filenames and for the life of me can't figure it out. i try the following action
replace with regu;ar exexpression
field - _filename
regular expression - %artist% The
replace natches with - %artist The
i need to do this on multi filenames. so what am i doing wrong, i've search through the forums but can't find my answer please i need guidence Thanks.

I do not really see a regular expression.
What does the source look like and what should the result look like?

sorry the end result should be

and what does the source look like?

the same but with the 'the' at the beginning . just trying to get the 'the' at the end of artist in the filename is the goal.

To move a "the" from the beginning of a string to the end:
Search pattern: The (.*)
Replace string: $1 The

This works on a whole string.
If you refer to a filename, then the "the" is moved to the end of the filename.
It would be easiest if you renamed the file with the function Convert>Tag-Filename and a suitable format string.
If you only want to treat the filename it is virtually impossible to say where the artist's name ends so it is also almost impossible to put the "the" in proper place.

Thanks can the convert filename to tag do mutli files at once keeping the artist for each tag the same?

Is this a new topic? then start a new thread please.
But without a lot more details like what the data looks like in the tags and what the result should be it will be very hard to answer.

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