Play option

Can anyone advise me how to change the player used to play back tracks?
I am currently unable to use Mediaplayer which it defaults to.

You can change it at Options > Tools > Default action by selecting a previously added user-defined tool.

Another option is to re-associate the player with the file type, since Mp3tag tries to read that information from Windows.

Worked a treat - many thanks.
General-Tag Panel-Tools-
Path=E:\Program Files\realplay.exe as typed in or use browse option for location of program .exe
Parameter=left blank
ticked/selected - for all selected files

now able to to play back each track using Realplayer when PLAY option selected from right mouse click

Attempted to set up option as doubleclick with:
" "path" plus [CTRL-P]"
but without success where the program opens OK but does not automatically select/play the track.
Can you help with the syntax for this one? Regards, Chris

I don't use RealPlayer (and don't intent to install it) but I'd try to use

/play "%_path%"

as parameter.