Play Track & Edit Tag

I want to add some tags, such as 'Genre' to my files.
To do this I play the track, which opens foobar2000, then decide what I want to name it, but then have to close the track by closing foobar2000, then edit, then manually select the next file etc.
As this process takes an awful lot of clicking and I have many files to do, is here a simpler way?
Ideally I would like a keyboard shortcut such as 'Play Next File' which would leave the existing file free to edit while foobar plays the next one. I know you can do this using a mouse double click, but then I am having to keep swapping mouse & keyboard.
Any suggestions as to how I could improve things to make my life easier?

Doesn't foobar allow to edit the properties while it plays a track? I think so.
If you have 2 programs that access the same file at the same time, it is very likely that you get in trouble.