Player does not show updated data for wav files

I have entered Title, Artist and year for 10 files in a folder through mp3tag software and saved.
But when I see it in computer and in mobile these tags are not visible.

What is the procedure to import title,artists from a text file.

Please guide.


Does MP3tag show the updated data?
What kind of files are these?
Does the player have its own database?
How do you update the player's database?

I have the same problem. I shared a tagged wav with a friend, he probably played in itunes, the cover art didn't show. I played the file in Groove & Itunes, the artist, album and cover art didn't show. All show in mp3tag, the availbles show in Windows Explorer. There is no online copy so we're not overridden by that.

If MP3tag shows all the data, and then there are players that show some or none of the information, then I would say that MP3tag can do very little about the (missing) features of the player(s).

MP3tag did not support tagging of wav files for a long time. Basically, because support for tagged wav files is scarce.
To me it looks as though the support of wav files in the selection of players that you named, is still as flimsy as before.
The alternative is to convert the wav files to flac as the support of that tag format is (a little) better.

Thanks for that. Do you know if Spotify, Apple Music, etc., support wavs? I want to submit to them and have the metadata intact.