playlist creation - location


First of all, what a great app this is. been fiddling around with it for days now to reorganize my mp3 collection.
I have a question regarding playlist creation.
My directory structure is:

Music -> 'Alphabetical Folder' (A-Z) -> Artist ->Album

When I have Mp3tag in the folder Music it loads all the subfolders. I like to create a m3u list of each subfolder. However, I want those m3u files placed in the applicable 'Album' folder! Not in the 'Music' folder. (As the program seems to do now.)
(Obviously the EXTINF does not have to includede location now.)

Perhaps I've looked past it, can someone explain me how to do this?




hey! thx for reply. i found that post earlier and it actually does not do what I want. It places the m3u files all in one directory! Am I doing something wrong?


What exactly did you do?


oh, I got it now. I realized I did not use the folderpath argument you described in the other thread.

I figured that only influenced the m3u-filename itself (in fact, that is what the description tells us.)

Thank a lot you for the help. Perhaps it is an idea to make this more 'clear' within the program?