Playlist creator - get album artist

I'd like to suggest that the playlist generator feature start the save dialog box with the artist name in the path - as opposed to "mp3tag.m3u"

The reason is that I'm migrating from iTunes to another media player and the new media player lakcs a playlist creation feature but has an iTunes playlist import feature so I need to create the playlists in MP3TAG, import them into iTunes, then import from iTunes in the new player.

What I'm doing is going to MP3TAG, changing directories to each of my albums, creating a playist from that album and manually typing saving the .m3u with the "Artist Name - Album Name" format but this is extremely tedious because I have hundreds of albums.

At least make this an option in the save dialog box like a check box "Create .m3u name with artist & album" etc.


That is already possible.
Go to "Tools > Options > Playlist" and add
%artist% - %album%.m3u
as playlist name.

Great! thank you much.