Playlist duplicates

I am trying to make a large playlist, (more than 5000 titles). I select "make playlist from selected files" and change the output extension to .txt The problem is I get every title duplicated so I would have to then manually go through the list and remove every duplicate!

I have used mp3tag before about 2 years ago and it made a perfect playlist of the tracks then. Can anyone please tell me how to do it ? What am I doing wrong?

Very hard to tell from the distance.
You can sort the titles to see whether the titles already show up as duplicates.
If you load files please note that MP3tag by default loads a folder and all the subfolders. It is then not necessary to add further subordinate folders.
So check the process how you select the files.

Thanks for your help. I'm sorry I did not explain properly. The files are karaoke tracks and each title has an MP3 and a CDg file. MP3tag is picking up both and therefore displaying the tracks twice. I used to produce lists with this software a couple of years ago but when I try now it gives the title of the listing as mp3tag.m3u I then have to change it to mp3tag.txt in order to read it. Previously it didnt do this and I think now it is reading both mp3 and cdg tracks: hence the duplicates. How can I get it to ignore the cdg tracks and just give the mp3 tracks? That would fix it.

You could either filter the list with
NOT %_filename_ext% HAS .cdg

or remove the cdg-files permanently from the files that get read in
where you can edit the list of extenstions to which mp3tag reacts.

Thanks for this information:-) Do I use Options, "Tag Panel" Default values" to do this please? How do I set the options so it only reads the MP3 tags please?

Open the menu "Tools".
Select "options".
In the dialogue that opens then, select "Tags" in the tree.
You will see an inputbos with a list of filename-extensions.
On my PC it reads like this:
*.aac; *.ape; *.apl; *.asf; *.flac; *.flc; *.mp+; *.mp1; *.mp2; *.mp3; *.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.m4v; *.mpc; *.ogg; *.oga; *.ofr; *.ofs; *.spx; *.tak; *.tta; *.wma; *.wv;

Check if you have included the extension CDG for some reason or other. If so, remove it.
Reread the directory (press F5). The CDG-files should not be present any more.

That worked many thanks :rolleyes: Can I ask one more thing please? How do I restrict the output to track number, title and artist only. I ask because I am getting extra information I don't want. For example I get

#EXTINF:281, -
E:\Karaoke\Main Karaoke\Must Have Karaoke\Disk 1\ASK801-823\ASK823-02 - Lady GaGa - Bad Romance.mp3

I can use Word's find and replace to get rid of common things such as .mp3 but the "#EXTINF:281,-" is different for every track. have you any idea what this is and how to stop it being read please?

I think that this information is absolutely necessary for playlists.
If you want an output that only shows the data you want (but isn't a playlist any more) use the export function of mp3tag.
There you can define the amount of fields and the output format.

Hi, Sorry to keep asking questions. Would you recomend .RTF format for my type of playlist? Also

In export help it says "Don't create directory". In my copy of mp3tag there is no option to do this. As I have the files in several nested directories I would like to exclude them. How can I do this please?

RTF = rich text format.
This has the disadvantage that you are stuck with the built-in formatting (or at least it is not so easy to get rid of it or in even other words: the extra formatting usually does not contribute to get the exported data into the right shape. But then again this only my opinion).

i would use CSV as export as you then can easily import the data into a spreadsheet like Excel or a word processor like word and create tables and stuff in a decent layout.

I am not sure about the second part of your question:
what is the current output and what should it look like? What does the data source look like that leads to the bad output?

While in Mp3tag press [Ctrl]+[O], or use the menu "Mp3tag/Tools/Options", to open the dialog "Mp3tag Options".
Select the section "Playlist".
In the group "Playlist" uncheck the option "Write extended info".
Save this change by leaving the dialog with pressing the "OK" button.

When creating a playlist, using the menu "Mp3tag/File/Playlist (all files)" or "Mp3tag/File/Playlist (selected files)", from now on the result is a text file, having each line with one filename resp. filepath entry, without extended information comments.


Thank you both very much. I used both of your suggestions. They worked and I have a great playlist now :laughing: I am quite new to mp3tag. Many thanks for all your help.

I'm still not sure, did you want a playlist for an audio player or just a list of your songs?

I was trying to make a list of songs and artists for a karaoke listing but the problem has been resolved thanks :slight_smile: