Playlist explanation when using notepad

Curious to know......When i open a play list with note pad on win10


what I was curious as to what the number before the comma was a reference to. It appears to be not needed in order to play in the playlist.(as noted by the the song "A world without love" which I added manually using notepad)

I assume it is the length of the song in seconds. 252 should be 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

thanks ...... Went and looked at "American Music" and it is 4mn 12 secs. Good to know. I was making Playlists on a flash drive for my cadillac CUE and when I play songs of the drive it does show a status bar showing length of song and time remaining on the screen. Also shows artist and Album art. So I should probably all that info when I add to list. Thanks again

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