Playlist feature frustration

I know this is mostly venting, but I'm just hoping there is an obvious solution and I am just the mindless idiot who doesn't see it.

I create a playlist. Got it. Later I want to add a song to it.

Is there no simple drag and drop/add song/anything capable to just do this? Is there no way to load the playlist and get to click to add a track? No simple way to just press a save button? I don't understand why this feature is not more user friendly.

Any advice? I tried saving a playlist, and thought I added a song to it, saved it with the same filename, and upon reopening, the only song on it was the one I'd just added. Grrr.

After searching and reading various forums, I finally see that apparently, I open Windows Explorer, find the file, press CTRL + file, then drag to the playlist that exists.

So I have to open a separate program. Okay, it works. But I can't fathom how this feature isn't able to be done within the MP3Tag program itself. But I'm less venty now, so good.

A playlist is generated either from the all files that you have loaded or that you have selected.
It is possible to take a playlist and use it as list to load files into MP3tag. Once the files are loaded into MP3tag, MP3tag does not remember that they were part of a playlist.
If you want to modify the contents of an existing playlist proceed as follows:
D&D the playlist into MP3tag.
If you want to add tracks, D&D these tracks into MP3tag while pressing the CTRL key.
If you want to remove tracks from the list, press the Delete button.
If you want to change the order, select the track(s) and while pressing the Alt key, drag them to their new position.
When you have finished, save the playlist (again).

I want to make a minor addition here: it remembers that it has loaded a playlist and makes this information available via

%_playlist_filename% File name of current playlist without extension
%_playlist_filename_ext% File name of current playlist with extension
%_playlist_folderpath% Folderpath of current playlist

Those placeholders can then be used for creating the playlist name at Tools → Options → Playlist.

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