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Hi there!
Looking for a way to automaticaly create Playlists based on a tag %ORIGYEAR%.

in my case, this tag contains the date of purchase and I'd like to create playlists from it.

I have a turnaround using Notepad++ or Excel, and would be grateful if someone has an idea for an export function or similar which can create those playlists directly out of Mp3Tag.

thank you all !
and best wishes ^^

Have you seen the 2 function in the file menu to create playlists?
Use these on a list that you have created with a filter like
%origyear% PRESENT
%origyear% IS 1984
You find more on filters in the documentation:

Thank you Ohrenkino,

my solution is then a cross between your reminder of the filter function and the .exe from Dano (topic Dano - Splitter)
I filter my whole database then export with an adapted export file (it's a loop from folder with an inside loop from %origyear% or %Itunepurchasedate% depending on the %_extension%... fuuuuuuuuun :blush:)

After that, the result is splitted in multiple playlist (m3u in my case).

very nice !

Thank you Ohrenkino and Dano

As we are a carig and sharing community - would you care to share the actual export script that you used and an a example for the filter?

Hi Ohrenkino, you are absolutely right.

In my case, the goal is to create playlists according to purchase dates.
The purchase date is in the %origyear% tag.
There are however 2 other cases: m4a (%itunespurchasedate%) or a file for which I no longer know the purchase date.

Before starting, I fill the empty %origyear% with the action:


ps: thanks to this, I don't need to use the filter function anymore as my %origyear% is not empty anymore :yum:

rearrange by column %origyear%

then export function script (adapted from topic: Export Splitter - Dano) to create an *.m3u:

$filename($getenv(TEMP)\Mp3tag Split Export.txt,utf-8)$loop(%origyear%)#*=====START=====*M:\Playlists\Achat - $validate($if2(%origyear%,$left(%year%,4)-01-01),_).m3u


3 things :

  1. the file is created in a Temp folder => no change because the .exe point there (path+name)
  2. if no %origyear%, Year-01-01 is the name of the playlist
  3. a first blank line need to be placed in the export file, if not, the first music item will not be read by most program

then run the program from Dano,
Playlists will be in this example in the M:\Playlists\ (cfr export file)


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