Playlist generation problem

Ok, here goes my problem. Recently I have updated my Mp3Tag from 2.31 to 2.34a. I mostly use it for playlist creation. I used to use Ctrl+P combination to create a playlist from all files in directory.
I live in Russia, but most of my mp3 files have English tags. Yesturday I have tried to create a playlist from some mp3s with Russian tags and filenames. Tags were in ANSI. Now I have faced the following two situations:

  1. If I have checked "Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage", then Mp3Tag reads tags correctly. Filenames are displayed correctly too. But when I create a playlist it does not contain any filename or Title/Artist information, it looks like this:
    #EXTINF:336,#EXTINF:183,#EXTINF:275,... etc
    playlist file name is in Russian and it reads correctly in Explorer and Far Manager

  2. If I uncheck "Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage", then Mp3Tag displays some garbage instead of tag fields, but still displays filenames correctly. But now it creates a playlist with garbage instead of playlist. I can't view/open this file with Far Manager, Winamp refuses to open it too. I can open it with Notepad though. The contents reads like this:
    #EXTINF:336, Artist_Name_In_Russian - Title1_In_Russian
    #EXTINF:183, Artist_Name_In_Russian - Title2_In_Russian
    #EXTINF:275, Artist_Name_In_Russian - Title3_In_Russian

So this playlist does not contain any filenames in it, and useless.

I have tried to uninstall v2.34a and reinstalled previous v2.31 and it worked like a charm.
I have also tried the above scenario on my second PC with the same result, so it does not my Windows XP installation flaw.

With the current Development Build I've changed the encoding of playlists back to the system codepage.

This should fix the problem.

Best regards,
~ Florian