Playlist Maintenance

When I decided that I needed to organise my music collection I started using Mp3tag. I have been using this software for a few years now and have enjoyed it with great success. The only criticism I have is that of Playlist maintenance.

I have created many, many playlists. Unless I am missing something, I am not sure how I can add a track to an existing playlist(s). I have all my tracks (over 25000) in one folder. I edit track by track. When I have completed the tag edit of each track, I save it. Now I want to add that track to an existing playlist(s). It would be nice if one could right click and there was an option to add that file to an existing playlist(s), or an add function allows all playlists to display (from a certain folder of course) and the one can select the playlist(s) that that track can be added to. Once I have added it to a playlist(s). I can move on to a new track. Is this possible?

Looking forward to your reply.

The given standard way would be to load an existing playlist into Mp3tag, add the new incoming file to the list view, edit tag-fields, save the file list as a playlist under the same name.

You want to load the new incoming file into Mp3tag list view, edit tag-fields, then add or insert the file entry into one or more existing playlist/s.

Hm, because a playlist is in general a simple text file with some internal data structure or not, you can at first apply all your edit work to the new incoming file, then execute a report from the report section or create a playlist by the playlist generator, which creates just for this file a new playlist text file with one entry.
Then you open the existing big playlist with any text editor, and the new small playlist too, and do cut or copy and paste the text lines from the new file into the existing playlist file. Ready.

Sure, the procedure you have described is more comfortable and would be valueable for Mp3tag.


The export tool can be used to append files to an existing playlist.

thank you for your response.... much appreciated. I will give that a try, Bearing in mind that one rack will possibly be in many different playlists, it could be a cumbersome task especially if you are dealing with over 25000 tracks. Not very user friendly...... but thanks again!!!